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  • emmanuelle y carol
    By on May 29, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    when was the last time you saw an ebony actress masturbating herself in film?  it’s like hollywood thinks black women don’t touch themselves.  shame on you hollywood.   ...
  • stupid reasons
    By on January 30, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    unknown actress is like a voodoo witch or something and she rubs herself frantically under her shorts sweating like she just got through core exercises on p90x.   ...
  • exhibitionist files
    By on January 10, 2012 | No Comments  Comments
      candace washington is a nympho who can’t stop help but masturbate everywhere she is, like inside her car while watching some geek piick up her panties ...
  • confession of a gansta
    By on January 3, 2012 | No Comments  Comments
      unknown african american actress is sucking on her fingers while masturbating next to some giant ass candles that is place next to the tub.  sarcasm for the win ...
  • love sex and eating bones
    By on July 15, 2009 | No Comments  Comments
    A phone sex scene from the film love sex and eating bones.  Not to sterotype here but if you are gonna eat bones with an african american cast you gonna need good appetite.  Can be downloaded at Soloscenes.com love se...